Monday, May 7, 2012

UFO Visits

 A quick gale sent a Big Mac container sailing in the air, dancing in a circle.  Danny's eyes followed it up under the street light,watching the container twirl and turn in the desert night air.  Oval black eyes, painted for tourists, spied on him from the cool green rim of brightness.  Thats when he saw, for real, a luminescent saucer, the kind people talked about in the UFO Museum.  The saucer hovered in front of the UFO building, a block from the house where he and his mom lived and right under Juan's window.  Long thin wisps of green plasma pumped, like man of war tendrils, from the edge of the saucer, pumping words at Danny.  They were after him, wanted to grab and swallow him into the jellied alien body of the ship.

This is the start of the abduction in my latest story "In Roswell, Re-abducted."  The street lights in Roswell really do have oval black eyes, at least in the downtown area.  Writing is such a struggle.  My first drafts of paragraphs are all full of telling and no showing and I have to wait a few days and go back and try to make them more mysterious and leave more to the reader.

Still, it's more interesting that my day job.

This abduction starts the at a murder scene.  Danny has been abducted before and so have others in the story, it turns out.  I hope an alien abducts me and makes writing easier over the next few weeks!

My short stories follow Cinnamon and Burro as they chase crime in New Mexico cities and try to find long lost "Momma" who abandoned Cinnamon when the investigator was 6 years old. Each new installment unveils more clues about Momma and where and if she lives now.

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