Saturday, June 16, 2012

In Roswell, Re-Abducted, 1st page

Here it is, the first page to my new short story, In Roswell, Re-visited.  Danny takes first place as a suspect in the murder of a local hero and champion of people with disabilities.  Cinnamon and Burro know the hero, Juan Bueno, and doubt Danny killed him.  Burro repeatedly has visions of an abandoned trailer, and the two traipse the city looking for a culprit amid tourists, a blond, director of the UFO museum and other alien characters. UFOs appear.     

          Billie Rae’s Bar and Grill stays open ‘til 2am, and that’s when Danny headed down Main Street in Roswell, fighting the March wind.  Tuesday is payday at Billie Rae’s and Danny drank Bud Light (half price for employees) all night every Tuesday.
Bang!  Ba-boop! Bang!” 
Danny jumped, and then saw an empty KFC tub bouncing into the sunken doorway of a thrift store.  The noise reminded him of a fight at the bar.  He walked faster. Next, he heard a high whistling sound, followed by a rush of dirt to his eyes.  He stopped and turned around. People whispered in the dark street.  It sounded like old people, following him at a distance, and spying on him. He knew they planned to tell his mom about the Bud Light and the two toques on a joint with Rosalita. Martha accepted Danny, and she didn’t care about his problems or the rules his mom made.
“No drugs and no drinking, Danny. Understand?  I love you Danny.”  He hated Mom when she talked like that.
“Sure Mom.”  Danny always lied.  What else could he do?  There’s no way he planned to stay sober every single goddamn day.  No way.
 Danny heard the old people whispering again – now the voices came from down the street….no, maybe from up above.  The whistling again, then the voices.  He looked up the street at the UFO Museum, thinking the sounds came from Juan’s apartment on the second floor.   No lights, though.  Juan usually left a light on when he was reading or watching TV, and then it was okay for Danny to knock on the door, and maybe come in for a cup of tea.  He had to be sober and the light had to be on. Those were the rules, and Danny managed to follow them because Juan talked to him and never gave advice.  Advice fell hard on Danny.
A quick gale sent a Big Mac container sailing in the air, dancing in a circle.  Danny's eyes followed it up under the streetlight, watching it twirl and turn in the desert night air.  Oval black eyes, painted for tourists, spied on him from the cool green rim on the lights.  That's when he saw, for real, a luminescent saucer, the kind people talked about in the UFO Museum.  The saucer hovered  in front of the UFO building, a block from the house where he and his mom lived and right under Juan's window. Long thin green rays shot out from the edge of the saucer, beeping words at Danny. They were after him again, and they wanted to transport him into the alien body of the ship.

Are you curious?  Let me know.  Available in July on Amazon Kindle.