Saturday, October 20, 2012

FREE Dreamlike Landscape...Surrealistic Tale

 In Zuni, Zymotic -- #2 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series -- goes FREE for the first time October 30, 2012 thru November 1, 2012.

Cinnamon, a woman sleuth, and her pal, Burro, find a man dead on the front porch in Zuni, and accusations fly among the quirky characters within minutes of the discovery of the body.  Is it Zuni medicine or murder?  Find out in the exotic world of this New Mexico mystery.  Zymotic means fermented or infections, and there's no lack of fermented feelings and infectious resentment in the 2nd short story in this top mystery series.

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Black Poison, Cavernous Shame, Quirky Characters

In Carlsbad, Cavernous
Tower Lowe
-- #5 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series
            “She’s dead,” Emma sagged against the classroom door. 
Cinnamon put an arm around the High School Principal and moved her out in the hallway.
“What happened?”
“They found my big sister with a crushed skull -- in the Underground Lunch Room.”
“Here at the school?
“Don’t be ridiculous…in the lunch room in Carlsbad Caverns.”
“Oh.  Was Magda working as a guide today?”
Emma waved her smart phone in my direction, as if electronic information might fly at me.  “No.  I don’t know.  They found Magda this morning with her head bashed in.  Early…when they opened the caverns.  The deaf custodian is missing, so they think he killed her and left town.”
That's the start in number five in this top mystery series that takes place in New Mexico.  Mystery abounds, as Cinnamon, a woman sleuth, chases after the criminal (and Momma) while new quirky characters with names like Zookie and Sojo slip in and out of suspicion.  Burro has one vision, and this mystery story follows the baby and black poison to it's vengeful end. And...Cinnamon finds an enticing new clue to the whereabouts of the elusive Momma.
Number five in the short story series is to be released very soon!