Tuesday, December 25, 2012

FREE Space Travel Dec 26-28...their he-re...

Danny stunned a copy to death during an alien fantasy...or was it something else?  Follow the terrible fate of Danny in this small, alien obsessed New Mexico town.  You'll never believe what shows up in the desert outside Roswell...

...#4 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In Gallup, Greed. Dear Readers, a LONGER story. Same quirky characters, exotic settings...

In Gallup, Greed
Tower Lowe
...#6 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series 
Jerry floated before her, a vision of beer lights and brown leather vest, kind of cute in an old white guy way.
            Wanna mash me shot fer shot?  he slurred.  Mirage laughed at the rich art collector.
            "Why not?
            Two Wild Turkeys, straight up.
            She woke up in the alley by her brothers wooden two bedroom house on Cactus Drive in Gallup.  The relentless New Mexico sun stabbed her eyes and fired a sharp pain in her forehead.   Through a fog of nausea she searched black memories of the night before.  Jerry appeared, a shirtless vision in electric blue bikini briefs passed out on a bed of beer bottles.  Mirage wretched, bringing up a pittance of  bile and regret. 
            She dragged her body off the sandy soil clumped with weeds and trailed slowly up the path to her brother's weathered brown door.  A long crack ran down the wood by the lock where someone had clearly broken in, leaving the door ajar.  Mirage frowned through the headache, her brain slowly filling with remorse. 
            Stumbling over the wreckage of beer bottles and pizza, Mirage scouted the coffee supplies and instantly voted for Starbucks.
            "Heh, Lonnie!"
            No answer.  No doubt her brother was passed out for the day in his bedroom.  She found him there, for sure, but not the way she expected.  Blood soaked the gray linens and drained, thick and rouge-brown, in a puddle that flowed from a wound in his abdomen.  He was clearly and obviously dead.