Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Dulce, Disturbed and FREE and waiting

It all started with a boy beaten to death on the Jicarilla Apache Nation.  Now Cinnamon and Burro are becoming characters in a series of mystery NOVELS INSTEAD OF SHORT STORIES!

This freebie is still a short story, but my next installment, In Gallup, Greed is taking shape as a novel of passion and, yes, greed.  The reader will find out much more about Cinnamon and Burro, where and how they live, who their friends and lovers are and how they interact when they solve a crime.

Then, I will RE-Write In Dulce, Disturbed as a novel.  In a way, I hate to do it, as this has been the most popular of my little stories, but I figure it's best to begin at the beginning.  If the plot takes a different twist, maybe I'll leave the short story up and have the novel as a separate purchase.

For now, please download In Dulce, Disturbed for free and tell me what you think in a fair minded review.  Or, tell me what you'd like to see in a novel with these characters.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zero in on Zany Southwest Mystery -- FREE

Cinnamon and Burro zero in on a killer on the Zuni Reservation -- and find all kinds of quirky characters lurking in the shadows, practicing new age and old age mysticism.  A very big surprise in in store for Cinnamon regarding Momma.

This southwestern tour is FREE February 12 and 13.  Download here:  UK http://amzn.to/Pz7Aec  US http://amzn.to/KvVfsl

Join the fun.