Monday, March 25, 2013

Mental Health Mind Bender FREE Mar 25-27

Take a break with a mental health mess amid alien abductors -- In Roswell, Re-abducted, #4 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series.

"Escape is impossible -- imposible," Ernesto whispered that in her left ear three years ago. Ernesto was 56, a small mustache on his brown face. He charmed her when she met him that first week in Mexico. She thought Ernesto vulnerable, a boy looking for a mother.  Not after three years, though.  By then she was in his embrace, more like a trap with no release.  Chili wanted to leave Mexico and the sick life she had with Ernesto, but it was hard.  He controlled her every move, and she had no money of her own.  The only money came from Ernestos brother, who belonged to one of the cartels, sold cocaine, and hired Ernesto to kill people, like the dead guy with his head severed and his headless body on the black pavement.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Cool and Curious in the Caverns -- FREE Mar 11-13

Hidden romance, revenge, jealousy and murder.  Follow Cinnamon and Burro as they figure out the killer in this crazy mysterious journey that begins in the depth of Carlsbad Caverns.   Quirky characters dominate this New Mexico top mystery short story series. 


A skinny man, about 5’2”, all in black, dropped to the ground and grabbed Emma by the knees.  Long, slick brown hair fell in front of his face, and he started a desperate monologue.
“Your sister was a wonderful woman.  Nobody alive was as good as her, as kind, as generous, as giving.  She taught me in 9th grade, you know that?  She treated me like a son.  Nobody could hurt an angel like her.  Nobody, not even that custodian, Jam.  She loved him, too, she did.”
Emma readjusted her body, throwing the man off her knees.  He fell on the pavement, looking up at her now, his hair off his face. I saw a scar running from his left lip to his ear.  His eyes were cat-green, and a sour smell fumed off his clothes.
 “Don’t be so dramatic, Zookie.”  Emma put her hand up to hold the man away.  “You know Magda didn’t like that sort of display.  Think of her, for goodness sake.  Maybe she caught somebody robbing the lunchroom and they attacked her. We don’t know if it was Jam yet. Stop guessing.”
“That doesn’t make any sense, Emma,” Zookie stood up.  “There’s no reason for our Magda to be down at the bottom of the caverns at night unless Jam asked her to come.”           
Zookie’s green eyes were showing red around the edges, and I realized he was drunk or stoned, or both.  Emma followed my look, and explained Zookie.
“He was one of Magda’s students,” Emma flipped a hand in his direction, “when she taught high school here in Carlsbad.  Magda helped her students out when they…they had problems.”
Zookie took offense at this.  “She saved my life over and over again, is what she did. She said so herself.  I’d be dead without her.”
“Zookie,” Emma stood up now, looking the skinny man in the face. “You can’t save someone’s life over and over again.  The truth is you manipulated…”

And boy did he....find out the rest of the story for FREE March 11-13, 2012.