Saturday, June 28, 2014

FREELY Disturbed in Dulce

To celebrate the digital release of the 6th installment of the mystery thriller series,  In Gallup, Greed, the first story in the series In Dulce, Disturbed will be FREE June 28-29.

The Cinnamon/Burro adventure begins here...

Beaten to death by his teacher, a young native boy is found by the side of the road in Dulce, New Mexico. Cinnamon,a woman sleuth, joins her pal Burro to face down the school and the teachers and solve the first crime story in this top mystery series. Cinnamon collects the first clues to the lost Momma, who abandoned her in childhood. Defined by this loss, Cinnamon pursues these New Mexico mystery thrillers with one eye on the crime and one eye on finding Momma. Burro assists with visions that contain clues to the crime, if only the two of them can figure out what they mean. Full of quirky characters, this story keeps you in your seat. 

The first five in the series are short stories.  The 6th, In Gallup, Greed, is NOVEL LENGTH.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Read it in Digital or -- soon -- in Paper

...and feel the soft rustle of old-fashioned paper... #6 in the New Mexico mystery thriller series In Gallup, Greed

This is the new cover...not so much blood.  I'm finishing up the formatting for the paper copy, and I'll announce that release very soon.

Thanks to one and all for your support, friendship and general good wishes for my New Mexico mystery thriller series.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Formatting Blues- Create Space/Kindle

Using the Create Space word template to format in Gallup, Greed -- my New Mexico mystery thriller ... not to hard to do, but boring.  I have to correct the paragraph formatting with each cut and paste.  For some reason, even though it's set for 0 pts after sentences, it's still adding a space after each paragraph and changing the setting when I paste into the format from Create Space.  So I'm highlighting the whole chapter and resetting the paragraph.

No doubt there's an easier way, but I didn't find it.  THEN, the little symbol I included at the top of each paragraph appeared justified to the right margin.  So, I had to go back and add a return paragraph BEFORE the symbol.

There are easy things to do, but I wanted to write because I like revising fiction -- not to format.  But, as my own publisher, this is my lot.

Using the Kindle software, I have to eliminate every single tabbed paragraph.  I like to tab paragraphs, an ancient habit from learning to type on an actual typewriter (!?).   This is causing me to die of even more boredom -- especially removing tabs for over 300 pages.  YIKES.

So, formatting blues.  But happy to be able to publish.  Below is the New Cover -- really an old cover I hope will work better for #6 in this New Mexico mystery thriller series.