Thursday, February 19, 2015

Review in Publishers Weekly/Book Life goes LIVE!

Getting this review came after a long shot entry into the contest that is getting a review from Publishers Weekly/BookLife....and hoping it is favorable!

I followed the directions on the website and then waited.  After 4 weeks, I was notified by email that I cleared the first round.  After 13 weeks, I was notified that I would be reviewed (with the puzzling caveat that my book might be lost in the shuffle and never reviewed).  For a self-published writer, doing my own publicity, it's hard to get outside reviews, so I'm pretty happy to get this, and happy that it's favorable.  All the reviews on the site follow this format...a lot of description and a one line evaluation.  Some of the one line evaluations are pretty negative, so I'm fine with getting a decent last line.  I can't see using "far from run-of-the-mill" on my cover, but maybe "...distinctive..."  Don't laugh, I might just do that!

Lowe's first novel...features an unusual pair of New Mexican sleuths.  Burro, a schizophrenic, is susceptible to psychotic visions... a gift that comes in handy when he's working on a case with his PI partner, Cinnamon.  Cinnamon uses the income from their investigations... to try to track down the mother who abandoned her decades earlier.  Mirage, who blacked out after a party and woke up to find her brother, Lonnie, stabbed to death, fears she killed Lonnie.  The far from run-of-the-mill leads and Burro's distinctive investigative methods are the books main draw.  (Publishers Weekly/BookLife)