Monday, October 19, 2015

Ghosts in Santa Fe hotel?

The old time Santa Fe residents have circulated stories about ghosts in the old hospital in downtown Santa Fe for years.   Now that the hospital, a nursing home for years, has been gutted and turned into a fancy hotel,  I hear the stories repeated in the hardware store, the grocery store and in classrooms in Santa Fe. 

People say the hospital was haunted by several of nurses.   The nurses are looking for patients who died because they want to keep taking care of them.  One of my college students, Amanda, told me that her grandmother claimed that a nurse came every night to cover her with extra blankets and give her a glass of water.

When Amanda went to thank the staff for being so good to her grandmother, she found no one had visited her grandmother during the night or brought her water.  The staff said it was likely the ghost of "Esperanza", a nurse at the old hospital.  "Esperanza" worked the night shift, and one night she took off to be with her novio (boyfriend).  When she returned the next night, three of her patients had died.

"Esperanza" never got over those deaths and never took another night of her shift off after that day.  It is said that "Esperanza" circulated in the nursing home, still finding patients to care for and watch over at night.

So, is "Esperanza" circulating in the new, fancy hotel, taking care of tourists?  Maybe...